Roman site Carnuntum

2000 years old Roman city

2000 years ago Carnuntum was one of the most important metropolis of the Roman Empire. Today it is the largest archaeological site of Austria. Beside the civil city and the world famous Heidentor, we can visit the military city and the museum Carnuntium.

Tour duration: 4 hours (also possible from Vienna/to Bratislava or v.v.)

Civil city

We can admire a lot of rebuilt Roman buildings, which give us an impression of every-days-life in the former time, such as the House of Lucius.

Nearby, we see the famous Amphitheatre and the large thermae, afterwards we drive to the Heidentor, Austria‘s most famous Roman landmark.

Military city

On our way to the nearby located community Bad Deutsch Altenburg we stop at the unique visible part of the military city - the Amphitheatre.

Museum Carnuntinum

This museum has been built in the style of a Roman mansion and shows exhibits from the early Carnuntum as e.g. jewellery, tools or weapons.