Schönbrunn Palace

Habsburg's residence & palace garden

At Schönbrunn palace, the former residence of the Habsburgs emperor family, we start our tour through more than 20 splendour rooms from the empress time of Maria Theresia and Sisi.

Afterwards we stroll around the wonderful garden and park area and enjoy on demand the unique view from the Gloriette over Vienna.

Tour duration: 3,5 hours

Further possible visits at Schönbrunn area:

Animal’s garden Schönbrunn

It is the oldest zoo in the world, and beside that - due to numerous innovations & rebuildings – it is one of the most beautiful zoos in the world. 

Museum of imperial carriages

At this place our guests can see the former carriage collection of the imperial court. 


At the restaurant Residenz our guests learn how to prepare the famous Viennese Apple-Strudel and can taste this delicious pastry.

Marionette-Theatre Schönbrunn

The Marionette-Theatre Schönbrunn invites our guests into a world of fantasy, where small, wooden puppets are the main actors.