Melk - Baroque benedictine abbey & idyllic town at the Danube

Melk, home of the first Austrian monarchs in the year 976, offers a historical old town with its old city wall and its beautiful main square.

The highlight at Melk is the baroque Abbey Melk, located on a rock, high above the city and the Danube, built by Jakob Prandtauer in the 18th century.

On our tour we see the imperial staircase, marble hall, the new abbey museum and the famous library of the abbey. The park of the abbey with its baroque garden pavilion invites for a stroll after the tour.

Artstetten - Imperial summer residence

Palace Artstetten - the former summer residence of the emperor‘s family - shows app. 30 exhibition-rooms as well as the Franz-Ferdinand-Museum, which grants an insight view to the life of the emperor and his family.

Schallaburg - Renaissance castle & famous exhibitions

Schallaburg, located near Melk, is one of the most beautiful renaissance castles northern of the Alps. Beside its terra-cota corridor and its gothic chapel it offers a wonderful garden area. Furthermore Schallaburg shows remarkable exhibitions every year.